New Square, Issue 2, Spring 2019


Erin Lynn, Sport
Kerry Carnahan, To One Bred for Ornament

Randall Couch, Art History
Devin Esch, Loan
Mary Lee-Slade, Things You Don't Know
R. Joseph Rodriguez, Brother's Propaganda
Matthew Ryan Shelton, The Beauty, the Boredom, and the Horror
Fergus Anthony, I watched a white feather

Kaliyah Dorsey, The Big Feeling
Harry Lowther, Paris
Colin Brzezicki, Between the Lines
Jeff Bens, Socrates the Bear
Megan Fitzgerald, Her Mother and Father's Daughter
Jim Schepker, Poisoned
Calen Nakash, An end for Once
Charlie Lee, A Sheltered Climate

Da Chen, A Chinese Nebraskan
Shane Cashman, Death Wears Fingerless Gloves

Book Reviews
Leonard Engel, PhD, Gabriel's Story: An Odyssean Journey on the Western Front
Joseph M. Reynolds, Well Adjusted People are Boring: Why there's more to Franny and Zooey then just the philosophy

Music Reviews
Jeff W. Bens, Pub Weight
Kevin Carr, The Marcus King Band 'Carolina Confessions' at the Capitol Theatre

Staff Picks
Literature, Book, Film, Music & Video Game Picks