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New Square, Issue 1, Fall 2018

Contents Letter from the Editor Poetry Tara Betts, Who You Want to See Tara Betts, Cooley High Livia Meneghin, Where many Branches meet... Damon Moore, The Bullring Damon Moore, Peach Tree Island Lili Fishman, Bankrupt Bruce Cohen, Soon, She Said Bruce Cohen, The Evidence Fiction Rose Malone, Night Walk Harry Lowther, Ghosts Laura Rodgers, The Loon Christine Telford, Locks of Gratitude Jim Schepker, Fare Play Loretto Leary, Stained Glass Frank E. Lee, TIME TO MOVE ON Nonfiction Thomas Keith, Open the Closet. See the Monster.  Hidden Side Effects of True Crime in Life and Television Damon Moore, 28Articles Book Reviews Samuel Eric Marx, The Unrestrained Writer Joseph M. Reynolds, A Reverie for Mrs. Woolf Film Review Glenda Pritchett, PhD, Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge:  PhD , Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge:  Anti-Warrior as Western Hero Music Reviews Kevin Carr, Mt. Joy Album Review Thomas Keith, The Curious Case of Taylo

Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge: Anti-Warrior as Western Hero

Glenda Pritchett, PhD Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge : Anti-Warrior as Western Hero             Mel Gibson’s 2016 film Hacksaw Ridge depicts the true story of Desmond Doss, in Hollywood terms, an outcast good guy whose personal religious convictions oddly both support and conflict with America’s entrance into WWII after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. New York Times reviewer Brooks Barnes compared this film to Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, in that both films “allow viewers to see what they want to see—a rare cinematic Rorschach test” (par. 3). The same can be argued for the classic Sergeant York, another film questioning America’s role in war. In fact, the “anti-warrior” hero Desmond Doss, though he refuses to use a weapon in battle, shares key characteristics of the classic Western hero. And what has been termed by reviewer A.O. Scott as the “knot of moral tension” (par. 1) at the center of the film is in fact a central concern of the classic American Western.    

Fall 2018 Staff Picks

Fall 2018 Staff Picks Books/Literature Amber— Letters to Milena (Franz Kafka) Dave—“Sonny’s Blues” (James Baldwin) Joe— This Side of Paradise (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Reading in the Dark (Seamus Deane), Midnight’s Children (Salman Rushdie), Essays (Ralph Waldo Emerson), The Quiet American (Graham Greene) Kevin— Lone Survivor (Marcus Luttrell) Sean— In the Language of My Captor (Shane McRae), Landscapes with Sex and Violence (Lynn Melnick), Hunger: A Memoir (Roxane Gay), Long Way Down (Jason Reynolds), Less (Andrew Sean Greer) Tom— A Fraction of the Whole (Steve Trotz), Summer House with Swimming Pool (Herman Koch) Film Amber— Harvey Cassie— Swiss Army Man Dave— Ex Machina Joe— Rushmore, Rounders, Brooklyn, Once, Hoop Dreams (documentary) Kevin— Caddyshack, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, A Quiet Place, Miracle, Band of Brothers Tom— Network, White Irish Drinkers, We live in Public (documentary) Music Amber—Sleeping at Last (band) Cas